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May 06 2015

Cake Pops - A Cake on a Stick!

By Lidia Svonja

If you've never had one before you are probably wondering what exactly are cake pops and how do they taste. Well just one taste is all it will take you to see why they are often referred to as heaven on a stick! It's the newest and most adorable star on the sweet scene that you will come across. They are an emerging trend popping up in specialty bake shops, parties and weddings. There are books about them, classes and YouTube videos. Even Starbucks in USA sells them.

These special treats were invented by a blogger Angie Dudley, known as Bakerella. In her book she is showcasing and inspiring readers how to create cakes that look like flowers, ladybugs, cupcake, robots and monsters.

The classic cake pop in its original form is made of finely crumbled baked cake and frosting creamed together, then chilled and dipped in colourful chocolate melts and decorated to your desire. So basically colourful dipped and decorated golf-ball-sized rounds of cake on a stick. They are the perfect addition to any party or get together. Birthdays, weddings, baby showers, dinner parties, wedding favors or cute take-home treats for birthday parties... try displaying them in a jug filled with sweets. Best of all, they're completely customizable.

Cake pops also solve the ever lasting question of how to make a cake portable! Everyone can now eat cake on the go! In the past few years, they've become a sensation. They are the new sweet treat to sink your teeth into and is adored by many around the world.

Inspired by Angie Dudley's invention, I decided to start experimenting with these special treats and before you know it I was making all kinds of designs and flavour combinations. My friends and family kept asking me for more and I even managed to cater for several parties which resulted in more and more demand. It is worthwhile mentioning that there are two types of cake pops on the market, the baked version, and the much more popular non-baked version. Similarly to muffins, the baked pops are made by creating a mixture, then rolling it into cake balls and finally baking them in the oven. However my preference is with non-baked ones. The non-baked version are made from a cream based mixture, rolled into a ball and chilled in the fridge. Finally they are dipped in a crunchy coating (usually chocolate) and then decorated using various decoration techniques. It takes a little practice until you can perfect your technique and start producing very attractive and delicious looking treats, but it is not very difficult. So move over macaroons and cupcakes and give cake pops a go... treat yourself to a little bit of heaven today.

You can learn how to make your own cake pops. Or if you live in Melbourne, visit http://www.ipops.com.au and order from a range of delicious cake pop flavours. Order by phone to receive 30% discount. Mention this article to receive discount. Offer valid until 30th September 2012. Treat yourself to a little bit of heaven today and try one of our delicious cake pops.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lidia_Svonja

August 20 2014

Kids Cake Pops Makers

Kids enjoy messing around in the kitchen making loads of mess. These cake pop makers will help them achieve professional results. Ideal for kids birthday parties. You just have to clean up all the mess afterwards!!!

March 23 2014

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